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Baby Cover Backpack

Baby Cover Backpack

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Main Features:

【Imitation uterus】 restores the state of the mother's body, gives the baby a familiar sense of security, and is easy to comfort and coax the baby to sleep.

【Comfortable and breathable fabric】 All cotton material or breathable fabric, choose comfortable fabrics strictly according to the baby's standards, the fabrics are pro-suitable and suitable for babies.

【Protect baby's spine】 The strap can keep the baby's spine C-shaped natural bending state, which is more conducive to the baby's growth.

【Thickened neck guard】 The edge of the strap is designed with a thick 5mm cotton pad, which effectively protects the baby's neck.

【Free Hands】 Parents can use the strength of their shoulders to reduce the soreness of holding a baby in their hands and free their hands.

【Can be used as breastfeeding towel】 It can be used as a breastfeeding towel. It is not embarrassing for mothers to breastfeed when they go out.

【Anti-slip gear, length adjustable】Anti-slip gear, double-ring buckle, smooth and safe.

【Large storage pocket】 There is a storage bag on the chest, which is convenient for carrying items when traveling.

【Various back methods】Various back methods to meet the needs of different stages of baby's bone development.

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