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Baby Toothbrush with Box

Baby Toothbrush with Box

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Main Features:

Made of premium silicone, safe for use in babies mouth. This baby finger toothbrush 100% food grade silicone, BPA free. The soft and flexible material leaves your child’s mouth free from block when you used them.
Designed for cleaning both gums and teeth. Perfect size finger brush. The diameter of this infant toothbrush is 0.85", about 2.16" long, and the brush part length is 0.78". It's suitable for adult fingers, and perfect size for baby's mouth. Convenient to use at parent’s finger tips, adjustable.
The finger toothbrush for baby can clean the teeth, and the backs clean the tongue. The oral massager can massage the baby's gums, help them relieve teething discomfort. Keep your baby’s teeth clean and healthy.
Our baby toothbrush is equipped with a storage box, which makes it easy to store the finger toothbrushes.
Easy cleaning and sterilizing after use. You can easily clean them with boil water.

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