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Baby Nail Trimmer

Baby Nail Trimmer

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Main Features:

A safer and effective baby nail file: this Baby Nail Trimmer File with Light won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds, you can safely and quickly trim and polish little toenails and fingernails.

4 working modes: this baby nail trimmer kit is powered by 2 AA batteries (no batteries included), you can choose the spinning speed and direction when trimming the different hands' fingernails. Baby Nail Clippers have 4 Gear adjustments to meet the needs of various stages of the nail, dual speed, reverse, and clockwise.

6 cushioned pads for all stages of baby growth: a smooth oscillating motion gently trims nails, while 6 cushioned pads offer different grits for each stage of your baby's growth; also it equipped with cushioned pads for adults, you and your families can enjoy the safe and gently nails cutting.

Easy to use and easy to carry: this nail clipper included a cases, it’s very convenient to carry anywhere and can use whenever you need it.

Low noise, this nail clipper equipped with LED front light, the light is very soft, under its help, you can successfully clipping your baby nail without opening the light when they are sleeping, and your baby wouldn't awake by the low noise.

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