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Dancing Cactus

Dancing Cactus

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the dancing and fun cactos for children



Upgrade Dancing Cactus Plush Toy Singing Dancing Twisting Cactus Luminous Recording Learning To Speak Twisting Plush Toy

This cactus can sing and dance, there are 3 fixed songs are 1. Polish cow 2. Congo By Mandi Classic 3. African classical pure music. Other are English songs.

This dancing cactus plush toy electronic dancing cactus will sway and sing cheerful songs, creating a lively and warm atmosphere in your home, bringing your child a happy time in a life time.

Electric shake dancing cactus plush perfect accessory for home decoration, party, good for early childhood education. dancing cactus plush in pot funny dancing cactus plush toy, Knitted plush made, soft material, comfortable, safe. Wipe off the dust with a damp cloth for cleanup.



How to use:

Turn the black switch at the bottom of the product to the ON position.When it is turned on, the toy will change its voice and learn to speak.

Press and hold the recording key on the left, and hear the prompt sound of "Di", then release the key and press it again to play.

The music button on the left, click Play, and then click Switch Songs.

If it is the Bluetooth version, long press the right singing button, you will hear the Bluetooth connection prompt tone, and the mobile phone can search for Bluetooth,Bluetooth name starts with "BT".

Friendly reminder: it cannot be used when charging.



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