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Tablet Digital Electronic Drawing 8.5inch + Pen

Tablet Digital Electronic Drawing 8.5inch + Pen

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Material: Plastics/Plastics

Function: Graffiti hand-painted electronic blackboard

Type: Card

Type of drawing board: magnetic plastic drawing board

Color: 8.5 Inch lock - black, 8.5 Inch lock - blue, 8.5 Inch lock - red, 8.5 Inch lock - green, 8.5 Inch lock - white

Applicable age: children (over 3 years old)


  • This new electronic paper is to replace handwriting. According to the writing
    pressure, you can successfully write thick and thin lines.

  • You can use your finger, a ball pen,a pencil, a pen to write on the electronic

  • There is a large LCD screen, 8.5 inch screen.

  • It is perfect for carrying because it is thin and compact and it is also
    suitable for conferences, negotiations, outdoor.

  • Also suitable for learning/writing such as home message boards/children's
    drawings/wordbooks/family books/language learning and computational issues.

  • The electronic boards can erase what you've written, just press the one-touch
    button instantly.

  • We can instantly delete confidential and customer information that help to
    prevent information leakage.

  • You can add magnets(Not include magnets), then you can stick it on refrigerator or other

  • Type: LCD Writing Pad/Tablet

  • Screen: LCD

  • Frame material: ABS

  • Screen Size: 8.5 inch

  • Package box size:
    230×150×8mm/9×5.9×0.3 inch (Approx.)


  • The LCD contrast ratio is clearly higher than 50%.

  • It is convenient for carrying, because of you can place the stylus easily.

  • A slim stylus included,you can write smoothly.

  • Press the delete button to erase the screen in the moment.

  • It is possible to erase approximately 30,000 times with one coin battery. It's
    easy to replace the battery.


  • 1 x LCD
    Writing Pad

  • 1 x
    Handwriting pen





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