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magic water painting book

magic water painting book

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No-mess board for kids!

This exciting magical water coloring book includes four reusable pages and a refillable water pen

Magic Water Painting Book Now your children can color easily, freely and safely without worrying about cleaning walls, furniture and clothes. A practical and economical product as it contains 4 coloring pages.
All you have to do is add water inside the special pen, after that the children can draw by themselves, and once 10 minutes have passed, they can color the same page again after drying the water spots on the drawing.

1. Graphics can be reused, which is more economical;
2. You can only paint with water to prevent children from staining clothes;
3. Colorless cartoon pattern helps develop baby's imagination.

Product Description:
1 x Water Brush
Dimensions: 15 x 19 cm
Age: 3+ years










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