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Baby Sleeping Bags

Baby Sleeping Bags

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Main Features:

  • Contains: 1 Baby Sleeping Bag Cum Bed, Age: 0-6 Months
  • Material: High Quality Cotton Having Filling Of Soft Recorn With Smooth Zip To Open And Close
  • Uses: This Sleeping Bag You Can Be Use Anywhere As It Is Portable And Light Weight Easy To Cary Your Baby Anywhere, Can Be Washable.
  • Soft sleeping bag helps you to hold your baby and take in into the comfort zone

Orzbow Stroller Footmuff

Made of waterproof polyester pongee fabric and warm two-sided Coravelvet lining It has concealed flaps for the 5 point harness of your stroller This universal accessory fits albrands of strollers

Size Information

More color,More choices

A variety of convernient ways to use

Full Wrapped-it is used in cold weather to keep baby warm Bottom Opening-It is used when the baby needs to change clothes or diapers

Side Open-When you need to take your baby out of the sleeping bag . All Open-it can be used as a blanket or as a game mat

Unique Design-better temperature control

Three Way Zipper: middle zipper, easy for baby in & out.

Opened From Bottom

It can be unzipped from bottom for quick diaper changes and easy dressing


The complete back of the baby foot bag is equipped with an anti-slip material Additionally 5 cords can be attached to the baby carriage for anti slip too.

Large Space,Pull-tie Hood

Internal large activity space makes baby more comfortable Practical pull cover to wrap the baby to a greater extent

Health Materials

OETX-100 CERTIFICATION MATERIALS Enter the number through oetx-100 web for inquiry

Easy To Clean

The sleeping bag can be fully unfolded and can be washed in the washing machine

Model Display

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